Why Use a Paint color specialist?

Color has a tremendous impact on memory and first impressions. It can expand or contract space, as well as draw you across rooms and into adjoining ones. The right paint color, and placement, makes your home look more expensive by accentuating the positive and de-emphasizing unfortunate architecture & dated finishes. The wrong color selections can create disharmony with hard surfaces and furnishings, while poor color combinations and placement can date a home.

Paint color consultations are perfect for the client that would like assistance choosing a cohesive color palette for their home. Our Certified Color Consultant’s understanding of hue families & undertones, and how to expand any space with the right color & color placement, will make the selection process less stressful – giving you confidence knowing that costly mistakes of choosing the wrong paint colors will be avoided.

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Paint Color COnsultation Package

Our paint consultation package includes a 2 hour in-home consultation with our certified color expert, Alissa Pettit. Alissa will select the right colors for your home after analyzing your natural light sources, the undertones of your immovable features, and getting an idea of the look you are trying to accomplish in your space. At the end of the consultation, Alissa will provide a final paint color selection list for every room, accent wall, built-in, or cabinet discussed during the appointment.

meet our color expert

Alissa Pettit has extensive training & experience as a Certified Color Consultant. She uses Color Psychology (how certain hues affect human behavior) and Color Theory (how certain colors mix, and visual effects of those mixtures) to establish a purposeful color design throughout your home and to create a sense of cohesion, while giving each space its own personality.


Our 2 hour in-home paint color consultations are $400 and upfront payment is required. Most consultations don’t take longer than two hours, but if additional time is needed, the client will be alerted and billed at an hourly rate of $150. The hourly rate is charged in 30 minute increments.


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