home improvement is our expertise. serving is our passion.

Sugar Home Design, Remodel & Paint was started in honor of the owner’s late grandfather, Marvin “Sugar” Camp. The way he lived his life proved that helping and serving others was the key to happiness.

At Sugar Home, our mission is to care for our customers in the same way Sugar cared for everyone who was lucky enough to have known him. While our home remodeling team is comprised of talented professional painters, we realize we aren’t just in the “Painting & Remodeling Business” – we are in the “Service Business”.

Just like Sugar knew the key to living a fulfilled life was to help & serve others, we know the key to our success is to provide our customers with the best home painting & remodeling experience through quality work, professionalism and a passion for serving.

In Loving honor of Marvin "Sugar" Camp (1918 - 2009)


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